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Tips for Staying Fit Even when You Hate Exercise

You probably started your exercise schedule with a bang! After getting yourself a personal trainer who has completed the best personal training course in the UK , you set up a routine of workouts with a beckoning target of a slim and well-defined body. However the bubble did not take very long to burst. Hardly a few weeks into the routine, your mind and body began to revolt. The strict regime and resultant aches and pains soon vaporised the glamorous results you were looking for. The moral of the story is not to jump in at the deep end. Start with an easier schedule and work your way up.

Keeping track

Over the weeks you need to track the progress you make in your workouts. Even the slightest improvement in movements – like more repetitions, running faster etc, will spur you on to continue.

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Do not feel guilty

There are bound to be days when you will miss a couple of workouts. This should not make you feel guilty and want to give up. Mental preparation and acceptance of untoward changes is required.

Do what feels good

Some days you will be able to do the complete workout. On other days it may be difficult to keep going. If this happens, you can always stop and continue with mini workouts later in the day. Also, if you are too tired to visit the gym after working all day, you can always try online video exercises.

Get friends to support you

There is nothing like being cheered on from the sidelines to attain success. Get your relatives and friends to support and appreciate your efforts.

Don’t make comparisons

If you are working out in the presence of other people, you may feel despondent if they are making more progress than you. This should not be the case. Each one is different, so concentrate on what your goals are. You should also trust a fitness coach who is qualified with personal trainer courses in Europe to keep you on track.

Enjoy your workouts

If your workouts are not appealing enough for you, and you do them grudgingly, maybe it is time to make a change. There are so many ways to workout. You can go walking, swimming, bicycling, dancing – choose one that will add pleasure to the mix.

Set up rewards

Each time you feel you have made good strides during your workouts, it would not be amiss to give yourself a special treat. Whether you would like to buy new clothes, enjoy special types of food, go for a movie, or just hang out with friends – it will sweeten the drudgery of a daily workout.

Don’t look back

Are you thinking back to your school days when you were never one to opt for physical sports? So what? The past is the past. You now need to have a good exercise routine and if desired, a personal trainer, to help you enjoy a healthy life. In the present day and age, because almost everything is automated it can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. To counteract this situation it is necessary to take up some form of exercise and stay fit and why not, become yourself a Personal Trainer and learn how to love exercise!! Check out for more info.